NASHVILLE, TN –Tennesseans for Conservative Action, an organization promoting conservative principles, began airing a new radio advertisement in middle Tennessee urging Tennessee conservatives to support ending the Hall Income Tax.

Robin Smith, a founding member of the group stated that Tennessee’s commitment to better government required ending the Hall Tax. “A tax that disproportionately targets capital investment and the savings of senior citizens is not only unfair, it’s imprudent. It punishes economic activity that benefits all of Tennessee.”

Watch the End the Hall Income Tax ad here.


“Tennessee’s future is bright thanks to our conservative leadership in Nashville.

Over 300,000 manufacturing jobs created, a triple AAA credit rating, and one of the lowest debt-burdens of any state in the nation. 

And all without a state income tax!

Unfortunately, Tennesseans are still forced to pay the Hall Income Tax, which primarily targets the investments of retirees and seniors. 

It’s time to make Tennessee truly income tax free.

Stand with Tennesseans for Conservative Action, and call your legislators.  Ask them to end the Hall Income Tax today.


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