Tennesseans for Conservative Action Launch Conservative Support Campaign: Radio, mail, digital ads ask conservative legislators to stand firm as session winds down 

(NASHVILLE, TN) April 19, 2016 – As the legislative session is winding down, Tennesseans for Conservative Action has begun a campaign to encourage and thank conservative legislators for standing firm against liberal special interests in Nashville.

Founding TCA board member Gregory Gleaves had this to say “Tennessee is poised to pass one of the largest tax cuts in its history, and is continuing to move forward on reforming our state’s healthcare and public education systems. This is due, in no small part, to the exemplary leadership of Majority Leader Gerald McCormick and Rep. Glen Casada, as well as the courage of conservative freshman legislators like Jay Reedy (R-Erin) and Jerry Sexton (R-Bean Station). Each of these members have stood firm for their conservative principles this legislative session, and we are happy to recognize them and encourage their constituents to thank and support them in these final days of the legislative session.”


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